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Click on the tree to see our UMD Sustainability brochure.

There are a number of ways you can get involved to help make UMD a greener place.

Bike-to-Campus– Biking to campus is beneficial to your body and our environment! Learn how to get set up in our Bike-to-Campus program to start earning prizes today!

Green Office Certification– Show how sustainable your office is by becoming Green Office Certified. We can show you how to make a greener office by lessening your footprint at UMD!

UMD Energy Pledge– Take the UMD Energy Pledge to join us in living a rewarding sustainable lifestyle!

Sustainability Inspiration Awards– Do you know a student, staff, or faculty member deserving of an award for their sustainable efforts? Nominate them for a Sustainability Inspiration Award!

Green Revolving Fund– By funding student, staff, and faculty run projects around UMD, we can all work together to invest in a sustainable future for our campus!

Student Organizations– Learn about the many student organizations around campus that are devoted to sustainability in all aspects of life.

What Can You Do?– Follow these simple steps to ensure you are promoting a healthy and sustainable environment around our campus and world!

For more information on how the UMD Office of Sustainability encourages students, staff, and faculty to get involved, view our brochure (designed by Hannah Farmer, Student Assistant).

UMD Sustainability
The UMD Sustainability website is administered by the University of Minnesota Duluth's Office of Sustainability.
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