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In this section, find examples of syllabi for courses at UMD that have integrated sustainability into their curriculum.

Please note:  while many of these courses listed here are approved for the “Sustainability” Key Topic in Part III of UMD’s Liberal Education requirement, not every course on this list will meet that requirement.


Anth 3200 – Exploring Sustainability in Costa Rice

Anth 3338 – Anthropology of Food (Syllabus and Assignments)


Art 3305 – Sustainability Studio

 Civil Engineering

CE 5515 – Sustainable Design and Construction

 Chemical Engineering

ChE 4501-Chemical Engineering Design I

ChE 4603 – Biorenewable Resources


Chem 1105 – From the Industrial Revolution to Green Chemistry


Comm 3620 – Controversy in the Boundary Waters


Educ 1201 – Managing Planet Earth

Educ 4234 – Science, Tech and Society (Summer 2012)

[Educ 4234 Course Schedule (Spring 2012)]

Educ 4234 – Science, Tech and Society (Spring 2014)

[Educ 4234 Course Schedule (Fall 2013)]

Educ 4234 – Science, Tech and Society (Summer 2012)

 Environmental Education

EnEd 5325 – Sustainability Issues Investigation (Course Proposal)

EnEd 5325 – Environmental-Sustainability Issues Investigation

EnEd 5800 – Sustainability Education_ Methods and Strategies (Course Proposal Form)

EnEd 5800 – Sustainability Education_ Methods and Strategies (Course Proposal)

 Environment and Sustainability

ES 3100 – Food Systems


Geog 3461 – Global Resources


Geol1110 – Geology and Earth Systems

Geol1130 – Intro to Environmental Science

 Management Studies

MgtS 4463 – Sustainable Management


MKTG 4795 – Green Marketing


Phys 1035 – Energy


Soc 4860 – Environmental Sociology

 Women’s Studies

WS 3600 – Ecofeminist Theories and Practices

Syllabi from other campuses

  • The Campus Sustainability Hub contains course syllabi and materials of sustainability classes from campuses all across the worlds. (Note: Login is required. All UMD staff/faculty/students with email addresses can create a login account, as UMD is an AASHE member)




UMD Sustainability
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