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A Sustainability Toolkit for Faculty and Staff

This Sustainability Toolkit is a resource for faculty and staff members who are interested in integrating sustainability concepts into their lessons, courses or syllabi. Additionally, the UMD Office of Sustainability website provides an exhaustive amount of information on a broad range of sustainability-related activities on campus.

PART 1: Course Syllabi
The Course Syllabi section provides syllabi for most of the courses that are approved in the “sustainability” key topic in the Liberal Education Program.

PART 2: Teaching and Learning Activities
The Teaching and Learning Activities section contains activities that can be used to enhance student knowledge and skills about sustainability.

PART 3: Learning Resources
The Learning Resources section contains links to video, audio, narrative, interactive, and other resources that can be used to enhance student knowledge and skills about sustainability.

PART 4: Faculty/Staff Development
The Faculty/Staff Development section includes resources that can assist faculty and staff in learning more about sustainability and about facilitating student learning related to sustainability. [include newsletters, organizations, educational research.

PART 5: Sustainability Faculty and Staff at UMD
This section provides names, contact information and descriptions of activities for UMD faculty and staff members who are involved in teaching and learning about sustainability.

UMD Sustainability
The UMD Sustainability website is administered by the University of Minnesota Duluth's Office of Sustainability.
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