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pumpkinpatch_cobWhat is the UMD Farm?

The UMD Land Lab (AKA Sustainable Agriculture Project or SAP Farm) formed in 2009 to institute education, research, and community engagement around local food systems and food security in the western Lake Superior region. SAP@UMD is an interdisciplinary faculty collaborative that provides overall leadership and is housed in the Center for Sustainable Community Development.

Where is the UMD Farm?

SAP@UMD was awarded stewardship over fifteen acres at UMD’s Research and Field Studies Center (formerly the Northeast Agricultural Experimental Station, on Riley Road in Duluth), including a five acre heritage apple orchard and a ten acre field for experiential learning and research.

What is the community apple orchard?

In Spring, 2011 SAP@UMD participated in the Communities Take Root contest to restore the five acre apple orchard. In the contest, orchards are awarded to communities that are able to collect the most votes. The effort gained the support of thousands of votes. On June 1, 2011 SAP@UMD was announced as a winner in the contest and trees were planted the following fall.

Where can I learn more?

Check out the UMD Land Lap/SAP Farm home page

Follow the farm on their SAP@UMD Facebook page.

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