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  • Power down at the end of the day: shut off computers, lights, and office equipment.
  • Eliminate your screensaver, and use power management settings to let it ‘go to sleep’ instead.
  • Unplug! Chargers or appliances that are plugged in draw power even when not being used. Eliminate this “phantom load” by unplugging unnecessary items, or use a power strip.
  • Turn off lights when you leave an empty room.
  • Close fume hoods and turn off unneeded research equipment in labs.
  • Look for an Energy Star rating on any appliance you purchase for use on campus.
  • Close blinds/shades in summer to keep out the sun and reduce heat.
  • Sign-up for the Green Office Certification program
  • Unless you need them, don’t use the power-assist doors; these are meant to help people with disabilities.
  • Close and lock windows in fall/winter when you leave a room (for security and energy savings)
  • If your department has refrigerators that you suspect are energy inefficient, apply for the UMD Refrigerator Exchange Program.
  • Take the UMD Energy Pledge

Although these may seem like small tasks, working together will make a difference!

UMD Sustainability
The UMD Sustainability website is administered by the University of Minnesota Duluth's Office of Sustainability.
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