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UMD has a number of sustainability-related programs and initiatives, and we would love for you to be involved!

Buildings– UMD’s commitment to a sustainable campus starts with the buildings that comprise our University.

Energy– Reducing energy use is a crucial step in curbing our campus carbon footprint. Learn how UMD is working to achieve efficiency in our energy use.

Transportation– Alternative transportation like carpooling, walking, biking, and public transit are effective ways for anyone to reduce emissions.

Dining– Learn how UMD uses local food and zero waste efforts to promote sustainability in campus dining services.

Land & Water– Learn how green space and innovative land use have made our campus both beautiful and sustainable.

Waste– UMD boasts an impressive 50% recycling rate by utilizing compost, recycling, and waste reduction measures all around campus.

UMD Sustainability
The UMD Sustainability website is administered by the University of Minnesota Duluth's Office of Sustainability.
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