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Behind the Scenes: REC Sports Gyms

April 13, 2017Cassandra OrtbergEnergy, Featured, Green BuildingComments Off on Behind the Scenes: REC Sports Gyms

In honor of energy waste week, here’s a glimpse of how UMD is implementing energy efficient technologies around campus!

17918255_1525881390765103_1046757532_nDuring March, two of the REC sports gyms got a facelift. Thirty-two inefficient light fixtures were replaced with new energy efficient LEDs. Before the fixtures used 400 watt bulbs for a total of 12,800 watts, now they use 150 watt bulbs reducing the total electricity usage to 4,800 watts. That’s electricity savings of 63%!

In addition to using more efficient bulbs, dimming and occupancy sensors were installed to save even more energy. In one gym, the lights will dim to 40% after 10 minutes and turn off completely after another three minutes. In the other gym, the lights dim to 40% after 10 minutes and stay dimmed. Facilities Management is doing a trial to determine which system people seem to like better. 

So if you walk in and the gyms are dark, wave your hands and know that UMD is working on energy efficiency!

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